Marsa Jarrett, Creative Service Director
Awards: 5 Newscaast and Station Excellence Emmys

I have more than 28 years with WYFF 4 in marketing, promotion and production, CSD since 1998. My prior background is in radio and television. I owned and operated a small AM radio station for several years in the ‘80s.

Chad Farmer, Commercial Coordinator
Awards: 1 Emmy, 1 Star Award

I have more than 17 years experience in broadcast design and motion graphics. I graduated from SCAD Atlanta in 2000 with a BFA in Computer Animation and Graphic Design.  I started as a graphic designer at CNN and came to WYFF 4 in 2007 and currently doing commercial writing and production.

Jeff Goodman, Design Director
Awards: Addy, 2 Emmys, Peabody, 2 Star Awards

I have more than 33 years in broadcast design, at WYFF 4 since 1992. Prior to that, I was a Design Director for an ad agency, and Art Director for a retail department store chain. This background helps me understand needs from an agency and/or client point of view.

Benjie Newman, Senior Editor, 2D – 3D Compositor / Videographer
Awards: 5 Emmys, 8 Star Awards, 1 AP Award

I have more than 20 years broadcast experience at WYFF 4. I have worked with several editing systems and am proficient in creating graphics in 2D and 3D with an attention to detail. My specialty is coming up with innovative solutions to challenging problems.

Jonni Dyer, Senior Editor / Videographer
Awards: 1 Star Award

I have more than 30 years television experience at TV stations in Iceland and United States.  I am a graduate of AFI (American Film Institute) in Los Angeles. I have experience in live news broadcasts, movies, music videos and documentaries.  I started at WYFF 4 in 2000 as editor and shooter for station promos and client commercials for broadcast and web.